Sunday, 5 September 2010

790 cc

Tempo fa avevo scritto questa poesia dedicata alla mia Triumph Bonneville, che é appunto 790 di cilindrata e mi é stata pubblicata sul sito del mitico Rutger Hauer.
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790 cc
© by Francesca Silveri

I ride my shiny horse
Of steel and chrome,
It hums and roars
On the way home.
It puffs, it spats, it chuckles
And when heads turn
I know just what
They want to know.
‘It’s 790’ I say,
They nod and smile
And they fantasise
But she’s all mine.
At every bend and every turn
We dance together
Two as one
Like a centaur of flesh and metal.
Other bikers wave,
We are all family
We are all vulnerable
Yet invulnerable and free.
I ride as I write
Feel the wind in my face
Horse power pulling
Steady and strong.
There’s nothing else like it.
It’s like there’s nothing else.

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