Thursday, 9 September 2010

Of The Essence (Italian Subtitles)

Questo é il mio primo cortometraggio come regista e produttrice, oltre che sceneggiatrice. Il film é basato su una mia poesia "Time" (in Inglese).

(di Francesca Silveri)
Calm down precious friend
Don’t run so fast,
I need to rest
And you to last.

Bend your knees
And lie no more,
For thee and I
Have lost our score.

Stay here ancient friend
Let me think,
Just one more day
Before I sink.

Your noiseless movement
Turns the seed into dust
And though I fight you
Thy spell is cast.

Calm down impatient friend
And tell me why you should pretend
To be the Past, the Present
And the uncertain Future
While thy name is Time
And Confusion is mine

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